portable explosion proof lighting

CESP Portable Explosion proof LED Lights


CESP provide a series of  Intrinsically safe mobile explosion-proof lights and portable explosion-proof work light lighting products, spotlighting and floodlight, emergency flashing lighting, explosion-proof, portable and rechargeable, working time up to 10 hours, protection level.

These explosion-proof lighting products can be used for firefighting, electric power, industrial and mining enterprises and other flammable and explosive places to provide mobile lighting, very suitable for all kinds of field operations, such as: geological exploration, tourism exploration, border patrol, coastal defense patrol, rescue and disaster resistance, field operations, tunnel operations, airport inspection, railway inspection, archaeology and fire command, criminal investigation, traffic accident handling, power repair and other lighting needs.

If you need flameproof type Zone 1 LED hand lamp, please to see CES-EX-SC series.


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