Explosion-proof Cold Storage Lighting

It has explosion-proof performance, and the explosion-proof cold storage needs to be built at a position lower than the external level.

In general, you can store dangerous goods such as chemical products, research materials, alcohol, etc. so the Explosion-proof cold storage requires strict with good explosion-proof equipment and explosion-proof technology, strong maintainability and flexible configuration. The explosion-proof mark is IICT4 explosion-proof grade, which can be directly used in dangerous places with explosive gas for storage and transportation of dangerous goods.

Cold storage lighting fixtures are mainly used in cold storage, refrigeration, freezer and other places where the ambient temperature is relatively low, relatively humid, and need to be safe and environmentally friendly. With the development of the cold chain in recent years, the cold storage is widely used for fresh-keeping and storage of food, and the lighting fixtures for cold storage are becoming more and more specialized.

The state stipulates that cold storage is a special power and lighting area. Its main features are low temperature (-45 degrees ~ -15 degrees), moisture is more than 98% with freezing phenomenon, so the cold storage lights must be designed strictly according each country to meet national safety and environmental standards. Generally, the small cold storage still uses AC220V for power supply lighting, and the large cold storage is powered by AC36V.

In general, the requirements for explosion-proof cold storage lamps are as follows,

Protective cover design requirements: IP65 or IP66 rate

Light source design requirements: operating temperature -55 degrees to 5 degrees

Applicable voltage AC36 or AC220V

Ambient humidity 98%~99.9%

Anti-freezing aging

Thermal expansion and contraction coefficient: <=17.7×10-6 m/°C

Efficiency: >=85%

PF > 0.9

No EMC issues

THD < 20%

Color rendering index > = 72 RA

Protection level IP65

Anti-corrosion grade

Explosion-proof standards ExdeIICT4 , IEC60079

In addition, the lighting fixtures should with emergency function, and the work time is more than 30 miniues

CESP LED explosion-proof lighting fixtures with UL844, ATEX, IECEX and the protetive rate up to IP67, with 3 hours emergency time, anti-corrosion surface, it’s safety for explosion-proof storage, easy maintenance and energy saving.