explosion proof fluorescent lighting

Explosion Proof Fluorescent Light Replacement for Class 1 Division 2 Hazardous Location

Power: 30W/40W/50W/60W/65W/75W

Model No. CES-Ex-LN-02P Series (UL844, UL1598A)

Looking to replace your traditional explosion proof fluorescent light? Check out our Explosion Proof LED Linear Light from the CES-Ex-LN-02P Series (UL844, UL1598A). Designed for Class 1 Division 2 hazardous locations, this light is certified for use in Group A, B, C and D environments with Certificate NO.: E475887-UL-CUL.

explosion proof fluorescent light    ex-proof fluorescent light

Our LED Linear Light boasts a powerful range of wattage options, from 30W to 75W, making it a versatile replacement option for traditional fluorescent lights and explosion proof tri-proof lights. With a high lumen flux of up to 140lm/W, it provides excellent illumination for your workspace.

Our light's material is made from 6063+ADC12 (spray paint) and its PC is V-0 Flame retardant, F1 - UV-Resistant, providing excellent anti-corrosion performance for marine and corrosive environments. Additionally, our anti-glare micro optics help to reduce direct visual contact with the light source, making it easier on the eyes.

Our Explosion Proof LED Linear Light is also 6J shock and vibration resistant, and comes with optional mounting and emergency features. With its high quality build, competitive price, and long lifespan, it's the perfect lighting solution for hazardous locations. Upgrade your lighting with the best - choose our Explosion Proof LED Linear Light today.