Explosion Proof Emergency Exit Light for Zone 1 Zone 21 Hazardous Areas


Explosion-proof safety exit lamp is for personnel evacuation, fire operations to provide lighting fire emergency lamps! It usually use external power supply, when the power automatically switch to the battery power state! General high-rise buildings/shopping malls/entertainment venues/chemical plants/sand blasting factory/refining workshop/pharmaceutical factory/chemical laboratory/oil station/gas station/joint station and other densely populated or high-risk places will be equipped with explosion-proof emergency lights.

Explosion-proof emergency lighting system mainly includes emergency lighting, emergency exit signs and indicators, is in the fire when the normal lighting power cut, guide trapped people to evacuate or launch fire rescue operations and set up. But in the daily inspection found that units in the fire emergency lighting selection, installation and use of the process there are many problems. Therefore, reasonable selection of power supply control mode and wiring mode of emergency lighting system and daily maintenance work will directly affect the play of the role of fire emergency lighting system.

Description: CESP Ex-proof emergency light with a self-contained battery system and an 20W LED lamp and was designed for a 1.5 (90 minutes) hour Emergency Lighting duration. Adopt to the…