Coal Mine Lighting Solution


The coal mine is a special lighting place, without natural light, and underground work is relatively dependent on lighting. Traditional coal mine lighting (incandescent, fluorescent, high-pressure sodium, etc.) has poor light penetration, short light life, and frequent maintenance. insufficient.

The coal mine is a special lighting place

The LED light source is a cold light source, which has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, long life, energy saving and environmental protection. In recent years, in combination with the coal mine lighting environment and use requirements, the LED mining lamps developed and developed can withstand and resist shocks in underground lighting. , Anti-vibration, strong light penetration, less heat, power saving, long life, less maintenance, has gradually become the mainstream product of the new generation of coal mine lighting.

  1. The application of LED in coal mine lighting

Coal mine lighting is generally divided into mine ground lighting and underground lighting, while underground lighting can be divided into portable mobile lighting, roadway lighting, chamber lighting, airborne lighting, mining face lighting, etc. Due to the different underground environment and use requirements, LED mining According to the "GB3836-2010 Explosive Environment" series of standards, the lamps can be divided into flameproof enclosure type, intrinsic safety type,  flameproof enclosure and intrinsic safety type, etc., according to "Coal Mine Safety Regulations", "Complete Standards for Coal Mine Mechanical and Electrical Equipment", "National Explosion-proof Electrical Standards, etc., can also be divided into the following common types:

  • Miner's lamp

The miner’s light is a portable mobile lighting in underground lighting. Compared with the traditional miner’s lamp, the LED miner’s lamp is characterized by: overall sealed and explosion-proof design; high-power LED lamp beads have a maximum temperature of only 60℃, large-capacity lithium manganate battery, with overcharge and overdischarge Protection; intrinsic safety circuit with electronic short circuit protection design. Common specifications are: LED miner's lamp (4Ah, 5Ah), LED methane alarm miner's lamp (4Ah, 5Ah, 6Ah), etc.

Miner's lamp

  • Laneway lights

Roadway lights are used and maintained the most in underground lighting. Compared with traditional roadway lights (straight tube fluorescent lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps), LED roadway lights have good sealing performance, good heat resistance, impact resistance, and a variety of circuit protections. The voltage effect is small, the light source is stable, the average illuminance is large, the light penetration is strong, the life is long, maintenance-free, the number of lamp changes are reduced, and the energy saving and environmental protection are characteristics. Common specifications are (in W): flameproof type (10, 12, 15, 18, 26, 30, 36, 40, 50, 55, 60, 70, 90, 100, 110, 120, 200, 24W), Intrinsically safe type (5, 8, 12, 13, 16, 21), flameproof and intrinsically safe type (12, 15, 18, 20, 24, 30, 36, 40, 48, 60, 80, 90, 108) Wait.

  • Signal light

Signal lights are suitable for underground roadway safety instructions. Compared with traditional signal lights (high pressure sodium lamps), LED signal lights have the characteristics of high light efficiency, high color rendering index, long life, less maintenance, energy saving and environmental protection. 15W, 60W, 18W), flameproof and intrinsically safe type (5W).

  • Locomotive lights

With the application of fully mechanized mining technology in modern coal mines, the application of LED locomotive lights on electric locomotives, explosion-proof vehicles, roadheaders, loader trucks, and coal shovels is also increasing. Compared with traditional incandescent lamps, LED locomotive lights have the following characteristics: LED light source has strong shock resistance, high luminous efficiency, safety and reliability, energy saving, and long service life. Common specifications are: flameproof type (9W, 12W, 15W, 18W, 20W) , 24W), intrinsically safe type (24W), etc.

Locomotive lights

  • Bracket light

Compared with traditional stent lights (double-tube high-pressure sodium lamps), LED stent lights are suitable for underground fully mechanized mining face. Its characteristics are: intrinsically safe circuits, with over-current and over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, LED high-brightness light source, and lighting life. Long; good sealing performance, water vapor, corrosion resistance, strong impact resistance, strong vibration, explosion-proof; maintenance-free, convenient installation and debugging, energy saving and environmental protection, common specifications are: flameproof enclosure and intrinsic safety  (20W, 24W. 48W, 36W) , flameproof enclosure type (16W. 18W), etc.

  1. Design of LED mining lamps

At present, there are many units engaged in the development and design of LED mining lamps, and the representative ones are: Shenyang Guangjiao Complete Electric Co., Ltd., Huarong Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Cesp Co.,Ltd, and Jiaozuo Jingan Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Coal Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Coal Science and Industry Group Chongqing Research Institute Co., Ltd., Hengshui Puguang Lighting Technology Development Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xusheng Lighting Co., Ltd., Linfen Huace Xinguangyu Power Co., Ltd., Yueqing Sanle Lighting Co., Ltd., Nanjing Jingruida Lighting Manufacturing Co., Ltd., etc.

LED mining lamps require an MA certificate before they can be used in underground lighting. The design standard is mainly based on the "3836-2010 Explosive Gas" series. The procedures for applying for the MA mark are usually: safety standard center (online filing, drawing review), explosion-proof station (sample inspection), and production enterprise (on-site review).

The explosion-proof stations for testing and inspecting LED mining lamps mainly include: National Safety Production Fushun Mining Equipment Inspection and Inspection Center, Shanghai Mining Equipment Inspection and Inspection Center, Chongqing Mining Equipment Inspection and Inspection Center, Nanyang Explosion-proof Electrical Inspection and Inspection Center, Jiamusi Explosion-proof Electrical Inspection Inspection Center, Shenyang Explosion-proof Electrical Inspection and Inspection Center.

In the development and design process, the more concerned contents include: the selection of explosion-proof materials (housing, transparent parts, sealing rings, LED light source components), the design of the explosion-proof structure of the whole lamp (refer to the national standard, the industrial standard), and the drive circuit (intrinsic safe) Type) and a variety of circuit protection designs, LED luminous flux and heat dissipation (reducing the impact on LED light efficiency and life), optimized light distribution (secondary light distribution, achieving uniform illumination, reducing stroboscopic and light decay), etc.

A qualified LED mining lamp needs to perform the following tests (take 24W flameproof LED roadway lamp as an example).

take 24W flameproof LED roadway lamp as an example

① Prototype inspection, with "GB3836-2010 Explosive Gas" series as standard inspection drawings.

② Shell pressure test (static pressure method,), the sample is subjected to a 1000KPa shell static pressure test once. For example, the pressure time is at least 10S, and it should not be deformed, damaged or leaked.

③ Shell impact resistance test, room temperature 20±5℃, the impact direction should be perpendicular to the tested surface, and should not be broken after being impacted by a weight of 1Kg with a drop height of 2.0m.

④ Thermal fusion test, when the transparent part or glass is at the highest working temperature, it should not be broken when sprayed with water of 1m in diameter at 10±5℃.

⑤ Voltage passive test, when the power supply voltage fluctuates within the range of 75%-110% of the rated voltage, the lamp should be able to light up.

⑥ Illumination test, 3m, ≥ 10lx.

⑦ Surface temperature measurement,≤150℃,

⑧ Dielectric strength test, voltage 2.OKV, there should be no breakdown or flicker after 1min.

⑨ Insulation resistance test, ≥20.0MΩ.

In addition, there are some internally ignited non-detonation tests, introduction device clamping and sealing tests, transparent parts impact resistance test, heat resistance, cold resistance test, visual inspection, humidity and heat resistance, vibration test, impact test and other tests.

The current selection principles of underground lighting fixtures are: high luminous efficiency, high CRI, long life, explosion-proof, high cost performance, and low maintenance. LED mining lamps cater to these principles and meet the needs of old mine reconstruction and new mine construction. With the promotion of national energy saving and emission reduction, green lighting policies, and the upgrading and optimization of LED mining lamps in material selection, explosion-proof design, LED light source, and power drive design, high-performance LED mining lamps will provide powerful lighting for coal mines. Guaranteed.

CESP is a state-level high-tech enterprise and a contract energy management company that has been filed by the three ministries and commissions. CESP strive to high quality patent product in military & industry areas, is the Top OEM & ODM supplier for explosion proof lighting solution of China and the 1st Company in China to be certify for hazardous location led lighting fixture by UL & CUL. In December 2020, CSA Group issued UL844 and CSA 137 standard explosion proof certificate (Division 1) for CES-SC series, that means that CESP has made another big progress in the field of explosion-proof lighting.

The SC series explosion proof LED hand lamp uses high-strength VO-grade rubber handles and ADC12 aluminum alloy material, with low-carbon steel wire, which can effectively reduce the weight of the lamp body and improve durability. The outer glass adopts high-strength tempered glass, which has passed internal pressure, hydraulic pressure and other tests, and its corrosion resistance reaches WF2, IP grade IP67, and can withstand 7 J pressure. The lamp beads made of high-quality LM80 certified chips have a luminous efficiency of up to 130 LM\W. For example, a 30W explosion-proof LED work light can produce 3900 LM, 180° or 360° luminous angles to meet all-round lighting. In general, the LED explosion-proof hand light is beautiful and simple in appearance, and convenient to operate, can be hand-held, placed on a table, magnetically attracted, and suspended for lighting. As the explosion-proof hand light is very light and small, it can provide portable lighting for hazardous locations and temporary projects. It is very suitable for close work and inspection activities in hazardous areas where require explosion protection, such as quick plant turnarounds, MRO projects, oil fields, marine sites and tank cleaning etc.

If you want to know more details about this lamp, you can click here to view it. The following are some simple parameters of Ex-proof LED handlamp.




Input voltage





LEDs Chip

72Pcs 3030

Beam angle



Φ101.5 x 517mm

Φ101.5 x 516.5 mm

Light efficiency

>130 lm/W





Protective net structure

Full net top hook/half net

Full net top hook / half net / full net side hook

Lamp body material


Protective net material

Low carbon steel wire-electroplating


V0 grade plastic handle

ADC12 shell, outsourcing V0 grade rubber handle


Push-in type crimping terminal

Bolt compression terminal





STW , UL, 3x18AWG

Three-core rubber cable, IEC(CE)

Transparent pieces

Tempered glass (thickness 10mm)

Nameplate installation method

Stainless steel (rivet)

applied area



The coal mine is a special lighting place, there is no natural light, and underground work depends more on lighting. Conventional coal mine lighting fixtures (incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, etc.) have low light transmittance, short lighting life and long maintenance time. Mine lighting is generally divided into ground lighting and underground lighting. Underground lighting can be divided into portable lighting, tunnel lighting, cave lighting, vehicle lighting, mining face lighting, etc. According to "GB3836-2010 Explosive Environment Series Standards", due to the different underground environment and usage requirements, LED mining lamps are divided into fireproof, intrinsically safe, fireproof and intrinsically safe. According to "Coal Mine Safety Regulations", "Comprehensive Standards for Coal Mine Mechanical and Electrical Equipment", "International Explosion-proof Electrical Standards", etc., CESP has developed LED explosion-proof miner's lamps, LED explosion-proof hand lamps, LED explosion-proof floodlights, and LED explosion-proof emergency lights suitable for underground lighting. And various explosion-proof plugs, it has the advantages of full sealing, high temperature resistance, impact resistance and vibration resistance. Multi-channel protection function, small impact on voltage, high luminous efficiency, stable light source, large average illuminance, and strong light penetration. The invention has the characteristics of strong shock resistance, safety, reliability, energy saving, and long service life, and at the same time saves manpower, electricity and other costs.