Portable Explosion-proof LED Work Light (Magnetic)

Item NO.: CES-EX-FL-6601

CES-EX-FL-6601 portable LED explosion proof work light suitable for oil field, petrochemical and other industrial places as working lighting for daily production equipment maintenance or plant shutdown and overhaul practice (Zone 1, Zone 2)

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explosion proof work lights


  • Security & Reliability: Safe and explosion-proof, this explosion proof led work light can be safely used in zone 1 IIC explosive gas environment.
  • High lumen efficiency: CES-EX-FL-6601 magnetic work light lamp cap spotlight can fully meet the lighting needs of customers for daily patrol inspections, and the lamp body floodlight can fully meet the lighting needs of customers for major plant overhaul.
  • Economically and environmentally friendly: High energy memoryless battery, large capacity, long service life, can be charged at any time and for many times, low self-discharge rate, economically and environmentally friendly.
  • Battery display: Specially designed type-C charging port, four stage power level display function, can help the user understand the power status at any time. When the battery power is insufficient, the strong light will be automatically switched to the working light state for emergency.
  • Signal indication: Adopting special light wave band yellow signal light, the lamp can not only point directions, but also effectively drive away mosquitoes around the lamps to avoid discomfort caused by mosquito bites; It has alternable red and blue flashing warning lights, which can be used as warning signals for dangerous areas at night.
  • Adopting scientific module driving circuit with strong anti-shock and anti-electromagnetic interference ability.
  • Convenient and durable: It is easy to carry. It has a variety of carrying and fixing methods, such as hand-held, shoulder, hanging, magnetic attachment and so on, which makes the life of the maintenance personnel more convenient.


  • Rated voltage: DC 3.7V
  • Rated apacity 5000 mAh
  • Battery battery life: 1000 hours
  • Battery type: 2* 12984


  • Gear: 5-step adjustable
  • Drop height of protection: 2 Meters
  • Ambient Temperature (AT):-20℃~+40℃
  • Relative Humidity (RH):≤95RH(AT @ 25℃)
  • Charging time: ≤ 5 hours
  • Dimensions: Φ47x239mm
  • Weight: 537g
  • Protection Level: IP66
  • Ex Markings: Ex d ib IIC T4 Gb


  • Rated power: 3W (flash light), 6W (work light)
  • Light source: 2835 LEDs
  • Illuminance value: 3246 Lux
  • Luminous flux: 270lm
  • Light intensity: 12984 cd
  • Irradiation distance: 228 M
  • Average service life: 100000 hours
  • Working time:
    Flashlight working duration: Strong light ≥ 8 hours, Working light ≥ 16 hours
    Floodlight working duration: Strong light ≥ 4 hours, Working light ≥ 8 hours
  • Model:
  • a. Flood light for working light + Flood light for strong light
  • b. Spotlight for working light + Spotlight for strong light
  • c. Mosquito repellent light
  • d. Red and blue warning


Operation Instructions

1. There are two switches on this explosion proof led work light.

The function of the rear switch is to change the light among the following modes:

Strong floodlight → Floodlight working light mode → Flashlight strong light mode → Flashlight working light mode → Off.

The function of the side switch function is to change the signal lighting modes:

i.e. Orange light → Alternating red and Blue Warning Light → Off.

2. The explosion proof led work light is equipped with power indicator function. When the last power indication bead flashes continuously, it means that the lamp power is critically low. When the floodlight is working, the lamp will flash 3 times to indicate that the power level has become critically low and needs to be charged right away.

3. The charger has charging protection function. When charging, the lamp power level display beads light up grid by grid, indicating that normal charging has started; After the battery is fully charged, the four cells of the battery power level display light gradually stop flashing as the battery is gradually charged. When the last cell of the indicator light stops flashing, the battery is fully charged and the charging is completed.

Special Note

When the FL-6601 explosion proof work light is unused for more than 3 months, battery maintenance will be required. To do this, first discharge the battery completely, then recharge it to its full capacity.


1、While replacing the light source, charging or disassembling the lamp, please do it in a safe place!
2、Please always keep the lamp charged after each use!

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