Explosion Proof LED Flashlight

Item NO.: CES-EX-FL-7633A


The explosion proof flashlight is suitable for oil field, petro-chemical industrial sites, can be used for evening patrols, daily worksite illumination for maintenance personnels, can be used as working light for soldier's individual operations at night, or for investigation of night emergency repair sites and unknown areas (zone 1, zone 2).


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  • Security & Reliability: Type of protection - intrinsic safety: Exib IICT4 Gb, suitable for zone1, zone 2 locations.
  • Superb Energy Efficiency: Adopting high level output LED light source,average lamp longevity 50000 hours.
  • Intelligent Battery Protection: Li battery: High energy lithium-ion battery, has excellent charge/discharge performance, safe and environmentally friendly, low self-discharge rate. It also has the functions of overcharge, over discharge and short circuit protection.
  • Waterproofing and fall resistance: It is made of light alloy, which is resistant to strong collision, impact, high and low temperature, and can be used in harsh environment and climate conditions.
  • Power display: the explosion proof flash light is equipped with power display device, which can display the remaining power and charging status of the lamp in real time.
  • Light weight and strong durability: The retractable lamp head can achieve the focusing and spreading of light. It can perform 90 ° rotation. It can either be handheld or attached to a support via magnetism.


  • Rated voltage: DC 3.7 V
  • Battery capacity 5000 mAh
  • Battery type: 26650 lithium battery
  • Battery battery life: (Rechargeable times)≥1000
  • Charging time: ≥ 6 hours

LED Light Source

  • Illumination Modes: Spotlight / Working light
  • Average service life: 100000 hours
  • Rated power: 5W
  • Illuminance value: 11000 Lux
  • Luminous flux: 380 LM
  • Light intensity 44000 cd
  • Irradiation distance 420 M


  • Continuous working time: ≥8 hours (Strong light mode ), ≥16 hours (Working light mode )
  • Work mode: 3-step adjustable
  • Ambient Temperature (AT):-20℃~+40℃
  • Relative Humidity (RH):≤95(AT @ 25℃)
  • Anti-drop height: 2 Meters
  • Dimensions:Φ50x46x225
  • Weight: 515g
  • Protection Level: IP66
  • Ex Markings: Ex ib IIC T4 Gb


Operation Instructionsfor FL-7633A Explosion proof LED Flashlight:

1. Each short press of the switch button, the brightness of the flashlight will cycle in the following sequence "working mode - strong light mode - flashing mode - off".
2. Both ends of the battery are internal positive and external negative. The flashlight placed in any direction can be used normally.
3. The the explosion proof flashlight is equipped with 4 power indication lights to help users identify remaining power at any time. The stages of remaining power are as follows:

100%~75% ●●●● 75% ~50% ●●● 50%~25% ●● 25%~10% ●

When the power falls below 10%, one of the four indication lights will flash continuously for 3 times, indicating imminent power outage, the explosion proof flashlight will become dimmer or unadjustable. At time of this, batteries should be replaced or recharged immediately.

4. Both ends of the battery are internal positive and external negative. The lamps placed in any direction can be used normally.
The charger has charging protection function. When starting charging, the blue indication light of the charger will perform breathe flashing, indicating that it's charging normally; Upon finishing charging, the blue indication light will stay on, indicating that the battery has been fully charged and the charging process has been completed.

Special Note:

When the FL-7633A Explosion proof LED Flashlight is unused for more than 3 months, battery maintenance will be required. To do this, first discharge the battery completely, then recharge it to its full capacity.

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