Explosion Proof Control Station, Explosion Proof Control Cabinets, Explosion Proof Panels


• The housing is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, 304 stainless steel plate and carbon steel plate welding, electrostatic spraying or maintain stainless steel color.
• Explosion-proof types include flameproof type, increased safety type and compound type.
• With good dust-proof and waterproof function.
• With overload, short circuit protection function.
• The leakage protection function can be increased.
• Surge protection can be added.
• Inlet direction: the general direction is the next in and out, but also left in and right out, in all directions.
• Installation modes: vertical, hanging and mobile.
• Steel pipe or cable wiring.

Combination: This explosion proof control station includes explosion-proof electric control box unit (fixed size) + increased safety junction box unit (fixed size). The product can be composed of 1 or more explosion-proof electric control box units (up to 6) + 1 or more increased safety junction box units (up to 6). Explosion-proof control panel components such as buttons and rotary switches, as well as observation windows, and cable entry devices can also be installed on the box. As shown below:

explosion proof control station



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explosion proof control panels

explosion proof control panels

explosion proof distribution box


Range of application

●Suitable for explosive gas environment zone 1 ,zone 2;
●Applicable to combustible dust environment zone 21,zone 22;
●Suitable for IIA, IIB, II C explosive environment;
●Temperature classification:T1~T6
●Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, medicine and military industry and other flammable and explosive gas environment and combustible dust places.


Technical parameter

●Explosion mark: Ex db eb IIB T4/T5/T6 Gb/ Ex tb IC T80°C /95°C/130°C Db
●Box material: Q235 steel;
●Enviroment temperature: -40°C~50°C
●Input voltage:≤AC480V;
●The maximum working current of the main circuit is 630A;
●Branch current: 1/2/3/6/10/20/25/32/40/50/63/100/125/225/250/400A
●Protection grade: IP66;
●Inlet specifications: G1/2~G4; M20~M90;
●Cable diameter: 中6~80mm
●Explosion-proof components such as signal lights, buttons, rotary switches and terminals have IECEX and ATEX certificates;



 control panels

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