CES-J40s — The Secure Explosion-Proof Panel Light Replacement for a Chemical Storage Facility in the Middle East.

The chemical storage facility project in the Middle East involves hazardous substances such as DEGRESSING chemicals, SULPHURIC Acid, SEPARATING solutions, and CHROMIC Acid, among others. To ensure safe operation in this high-risk environment, our CES-J40s LED explosion-proof lights hold IECEx and ATEX Zone 1 explosion-proof certificates, providing a reliable lighting solution and minimizing potential safety risks.

The CES-J40s series not only excels in safety performance but also introduces an innovative embedded installation approach, effectively meeting the requirements of a 2ft*2ft ceiling installation. This design ensures a compact installation and achieves efficient lighting similar to panel lights.

Choosing CES-J40s is not just opting for bright illumination but prioritizing safety. In the balance between brightness and security, the CES-J 40W series stands out as the preferred choice for the chemical storage facility in the Middle East.

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