IP66 Class 1 Div 2 Lighting Used in Control Room - United State

Luminaires: CES-EX-LN-02P, 2FT Class 1 Div 2 LED Light, UL844 Hazardous Loction Approved.

Location: United State.


The control room is the command center for production scheduling of the whole plant. The staff can obtain information through various monitoring equipment for scheduling instructions. It is a densely populated area. Working for a long time, especially late at night, people is easy to lose concentration, quality comfortable lighting environment is conducive to relieve visual fatigue, concentration. Considering the environmental characteristics of the central control room and the need for green lighting, we generally recommend CES-EX-LN-02P ceiling-mounted line lights to provide lighting for the central control room. The explosion-proof lights uses a new generation of high brightness LED light source, light efficiency up to 120lm/W, high efficiency, energy saving, uniform light, no stabs, using PC cover can also be anti-glare, good visual effect, conducive to the work site to create a comfortable light environment.

If you need to Dialux Lighting Solution for your control room, please provide us with the CAD drawings, or the dimensions of the room.