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Explosion-proof cable gland types

CESP Ex Wiki Thursday, 30 June 2022 07:56

Explosion-proof sealing connector are also called explosion-proof cable glands, which are used for tightening and sealing of cables of explosion-proof equipment.

Thread specifications are divided into the following four types:

Metric M thread, German PG thread, American NPT taper thread, Imperial G(PF) pipe thread

The most common demand is M thread. Among the specifications, M12, M20, M25, M32, M63, M72, M75, etc., the common pitch is 1.5 and 2.

There are also some threads that are not conventional and need to be customized, such as reducing-diameter explosion-proof cable glands. The specifications at both ends are customized according to the interface specifications of the introduction device of the explosion-proof equipment on site.

explosion proof cable gland

For unconfirmed specifications and sizes that need to be purchased, you should confirm with the seller, because generally non-standard customized specifications of explosion-proof cable glands cannot be returned after sale, so if the purchase quantity is large, it is best to order samples to confirm that they are correct, and then place bulk orders.

The product is generally made of S304 stainless steel, with unique explosion-proof function, special design of clamping melon and clamping ring, large clamping cable range, strong tensile strength, waterproof, dustproof, salt resistance, weak acid resistance, Alcohol, oil, fat and general solvents.

The following is the size comparison table of inch thread (G), metric thread (M), American thread (NPT) and German thread (PG)

 pg7 cable gland

NTP cable gland

metric thread cable gland

 industry cable glands

CESP provides customized explosion proof cable glands of 316 stainless steel, high temperature resistant, flame retardant, etc. Protection level: within the specified bayonet range, and use the sealing ring to tighten the tightening head to reach IP68-5 Bar.

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 explosion proof cable glands