explosion proof led hand lamp

Wearable LED explosion-proof flashlight for fire fighting



- Security & Reliability:

This product has passed the explosion-proof certification from national authority, has excellent explosion-proof performance, and can be used safely and reliably in various flammable and explosive locations;

- Superb Energy Efficiency:

Adopting high level output LED light source,long service life, average lamp longevity 100000 hours.

- Economically & Environmentally Friendly:

High energy lithium ion battery, great charging and discharging ability, high number of rechargeable times, economically & environmentally Friendly, low self discharge rate;

- Dual protection:

The battery adopts dual IC and dual MOS protection boards with overcharge, over discharge and

- Short circuit protection function:

- Power level detection:

Humanized four stage power indication (through 4 mini light grids) and low voltage warning function design, which enables power level detection at any time; when the power is insufficient, the last light bead will flash to prompt charging;

- Stylish Looks:

Small size, light weight, especially suitable for wearing on the helmet as a headlamp;

- Waterproofing and fall resistance:

The casing is made of light alloy to ensure that the product can withstand strong collision and impact, high and low temperature, and is dustproof and anti-corrosion. It is suitable for use in extreme environments and climate conditions;

- Light and durable:

Small volume, light weight, exquisite structure, light and beautiful; It can be carried by hand, strap, hanging and other ways to meet various work needs.

- Signal indication:

The tail is equipped with signal indication function, it is visible within 30m.




Parameters :

  • - Rated battery voltage: 3.7 V
  • - Rated battery capacity: 1.9Ah
  • - Battery battery life: 1000
  • - Rated power: 3W
  • - Average service life: 100000h
  • - Continuous working time: strong light mode>=4h, working light mode>=8h
  • - Charging time: >=4h
  • - Dimensions: Φ23x121mm
  • - Weight: 90±3g

Explosion-proof Grade

  • - Ex Markings: Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
  • - Protection level: IP66/IP68 (2m, 1h)

Notes Precautions for mobile explosion-proof equipment

  • When using the lamp for the first time, please make sure it's fully charged.

  • When carrying or transporting the lamp, please make sure buttons and switches are free from external pressure, so that the lamps are not turned on accidentally and lose power.

  • It is strictly forbidden to clash or throw the lamps. If dropped into water solution accidentally, the lamps need to be wiped clean immediately.

  • Do not look at the lamp light directly, and avoid directing the lamp light into the eyes, due to the damages it may cause to the eyes.

  • Do not disassemble the lamp, especially the sealed parts.

  • When charging, please note that the model of the charger and the type of charging port must not be confused

  • Do not hit, throw, stab or put the battery into the fire to avoid danger!


This product is widely used in oil field, petro-chemical industry, electrical power, metallurgy, firefighting, ships & boats as portable mobile lights for maintenance and patrol tasks, it is also suitable for wearing on the helmet as a headlamp. (zone 1, zone 2)

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