explosion proof led hand lamp

Rechargeable mobile explosion-proof work light



- Security & Reliability:

Small size, light weight, can be carried on hand or the back. The lamps can also be installed with rail wheels to facilitate users to move on the railway monorail;

- Scientific light distribution:

The lamp cap consists of light distribution lens, heat dissipation casing, light source panel and other components. The light source panel adopts high luminous efficiency LED light source, which has high lighting brightness, large coverage and long service life;

- Height adjustment capability:

The lamp adopts four length adjustable and extendable rods for height adjustment. The maximum lifting height is 1.5m. The lamp cap can rotate horizontally at a certain angle (0-340 °) or turn vertically at a certain angle (0-160 °) to meet the client's lighting requirements;

- Security & Reliability:

The lamps are made of various high-quality materials, with compact structure, stable quality and reliable performance, it can work satisfactorily under harsh environment and climate conditions。

- Long operating duration:

It adopts high-capacity high-energy lithium battery. With low self-discharge rate, a fully charged battery can meet the lighting needs of 8 hours. It also has the function of over discharge and short circuit protection, which is safe and reliable;

- Diverse functions:

Lamps have various functions and are user friendly. It integrates the functions of spotlighting/floodlighting, power display, electrodeless dimming, signal warning and so on to meet the needs of users in different environments. It adopts standard USB charging ports to charge most mobile phones and other digital products, so as to solve the problem that users can't use mobile phones or other digital products when they run out of power during outdoor operations;

- Easy to charge:

The lamp can be charged through the lithium battery charger (input AC220V, output dc21.6v / 2.8A) equipped with the lamp, which can meet long hours of lighting demand。



Parameters :

  • - Rated battery voltage: DC22V
  • - Rated battery capacity: 13Ah
  • - Rated power: 35W
  • - Average service life: 100000h
  • - Continuous Illumination Hours:>=8h
  • - Lighting mode:spotlight/floodlight
  • - Battery Life:Rechargeable Times ≥500
  • - Warning light color: Red/Yellow
  • - Charging time: <6h
  • - Dimensions: Unfolded 510×290×220mm , Folded 510×290×1500mm
  • - Weight:<=8kg

Explosion-proof Grade

  • - Ex Markings: Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
  • - Protection level: Lamp Head IP65, Lamp Body IP54

Notes Precautions for mobile explosion-proof equipment

  • After unpacking, the included lamp and accompanying devices shall be cleaned before first use;

  • When operating the lifting rod, the operator shall ensure that the body, especially the head, is outside the lifting range of the lamp cap. At the same time, after the lifting rod is lifted for each section, the wrench of this section shall be clamped tightly to avoid personal injury caused by the falling of the lamp cap.

  • After the lamp cap is raised, if the lamp needs to be moved, the lifting rod must be lowered in place before it can be moved.

  • When the lifting rod is put down, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand on the handle. Only grab the handle after making sure that the lifting rod is completely put into the lifting rod clip to avoid hurting your hand;

  • When the lamp is working, the lamp cap shell will generate heat and dissipate heat (which is a normal phenomenon). Do not touch the heated parts of the lamp cap for long durations to avoid scalding; When the lamp stops working, do not immediately touch the heated parts of the lamp cap to avoid scalding.

  • The lamps shall not be impacted, thrown, and shall be kept away from the heat source as far as possible.
  • It is strictly prohibited to disassemble the lamps by yourself, and the maintenance of lamps must be carried out by professionals.

  • For lamp maintenance, do not wipe with chemical reagent, please wipe with wet cloth.
  • After charging or using the USB every time, please cover the charging port with the factory supplied rubber provided. When pulling out the protective plug, do not use too much force to prevent the root of the protective plug from being torn off or pulled out as a whole;
  • Users are forbidden to replace batteries that are not from the manufacturer by themselves;


It is suitable for small-scale maintenance and construction lighting in railway public works, electricity, power supply, transportation and other places. It is also suitable for small-scale emergency lighting in power grid, public security, firefighting and other industries。

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