explosion proof led hand lamp

Portable Explosion-proof LED Hand Light



- Security & Reliability:

Flameproof + intrinsically safe explosion-proof design, suitable for use in various flammable and explosive places in zone 1 and zone 2;

- Superb Energy Efficiency:

LED light source adopting world famous brand, comes with two 12w imported LED light source, a switchable color temperature control between cold and warm light;

- Economically & Environmentally Friendly:

High-energy memoryless lithium battery has the advantages of large capacity, long service life, charging flexibility, high numbers of rechargeable times, low self-discharge rate, economically and environmentally friendly;

- Intelligent control:

The lamps adopt various working modes such as spotlight, floodlight, red and blue warning lights, and the lighting mode can be changed at will;

- Waterproofing and fall resistance:

The casing is made of imported high hardness alloy material to ensure that it can withstand strong collision and impact; The firefighting lighting equipment has the highest protection grade of IP66/IP68, multiple waterproof structures, excellent waterproof performance, and can operate normally in various harsh environments;

- Power level detection:

The product has low voltage level warning function, and user friendly four stage power level indication (through 4 mini light grids), which shows status of power level clearly.

- Multiple functionalities:

The tail of firefighting lamps is designed with azimuth lamps with high transparency and high visibility, which can clearly display the mutual location of lamp holders at the operation site;

- Light and durable:

The product has three modes of carrying and use: handhold, strapped on or magnetic attachment, combined with double switch operation design, which is convenient to carry and use, simple and intuitive to operate。




Parameters :

  • - Rated battery voltage: 22.2 V
  • - Rated battery capacity: 2.5Ah
  • - Battery battery life: 1000
  • - Rated power: Main light 2*12W , Side Light 2*6W
  • - Average service life: 100000h
  • - Continuous working time:
  •       - Main light strong light mode:≥5
  •       - Main light working mode:≥10
  •       - Side light strong light mode (single/dual):≥8/>=4
  •       - Side light working light mode (single/dual):≥16/>=8
  • - Charging time: >=6h
  • - Dimensions: Φ73x183mm
  • - Weight: 925g

Explosion-proof Grade

  • - Option: (Double light source with magnet)
  • - Ex Markings: Ex ib IIC T4 Gb
  • - Protection level: IP66/IP68

Notes Precautions for mobile explosion-proof equipment

  • When using the lamp for the first time, please make sure it's fully charged.

  • When carrying or transporting the lamp, please make sure buttons and switches are free from external pressure, so that the lamps are not turned on accidentally and lose power.

  • It is strictly forbidden to clash or throw the lamps. If dropped into water solution accidentally, the lamps need to be wiped clean immediately.

  • Do not look at the lamp light directly, and avoid directing the lamp light into the eyes, due to the damages it may cause to the eyes.

  • Do not disassemble the lamp, especially the sealed parts.

  • When charging, please note that the model of the charger and the type of charging port must not be confused

  • Do not hit, throw, stab or put the battery into the fire to avoid danger!


The product can provide strong lighting support for night searching work for the public security and other industries or worksite illumination, and it can effectively provide site warning signals, improve the users’ onsite security.

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