explosion proof led hand lamp

Double-sides flash warning light



- Superb Energy Efficiency:

Adopting high-energy memoryless lithium battery, which has the advantages of large capacity, long service life, charging flexibility, low self-discharge rate, and is economically and environmentally friendly;

- Adaptability:

It adopts high intensity spotlight, ultra-high brightness LED light source, which can send warning signals or indicate locations in two opposite directions at the same time. The luminous surface is 110mm extra large. The maximum visible distance in one direction is up to 1500m. The luminous area radiates light evenly, provides good visibility under rainy and foggy conditions.

- Waterproofing and fall resistance:

The casing is made of high hardness tempered glass lens and high-strength alloy. It is not easy to scratch and has high wear resistance. It can withstand strong collision and impact, has good sealing and strong waterproof ability, and can work normally in various outdoor harsh environments and climate conditions;

- Intelligent control:

There are two working modes: strobe and continuous light which can be switched at will via an intelligent switch;

- Light and durable:

It is portable, and can be attached to the surface of steel parts via magnetic attraction or hung on other objects. It can be extend or retracted on demand. Convenient to carry and easy to operate.

- Other configurations:

Red, yellow, green light sources can be selected on according to actual needs.




Parameters :

  • - Rated battery voltage: 3.7 V
  • - Rated battery capacity: 1.5Ah
  • - Battery battery life: 1000
  • - Rated power: 2.25W
  • - Average service life: 100000h
  • - Continuous working time: strong light mode>=12h, working light mode>=30h
  • - Charging time: <=6h
  • - Dimensions: Stretched 385x113x70mm, Retracted 295x113x70mm
  • - Weight: 683g

Explosion-proof Grade

  • - Protection level: IP65

Notes Precautions for mobile explosion-proof equipment

  • When using the lamp for the first time, please make sure it's fully charged.

  • When carrying or transporting the lamp, please make sure buttons and switches are free from external pressure, so that the lamps are not turned on accidentally and lose power.

  • It is strictly forbidden to clash or throw the lamps. If dropped into water solution accidentally, the lamps need to be wiped clean immediately.

  • Do not look at the lamp light directly, and avoid directing the lamp light into the eyes, due to the damages it may cause to the eyes.

  • Do not disassemble the lamp, especially the sealed parts.

  • When charging, please note that the model of the charger and the type of charging port must not be confused

  • Do not hit, throw, stab or put the battery into the fire to avoid danger!


It is suitable for all kinds of construction, rescue missions, it can also be used by rescue workers as warning signs, or for position signaling and communication signaling.

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