The goal of the metallurgical industry lighting is to absolutely ensure that metallurgical work can have absolutely good visibility.

The goal of the metallurgical industry lighting is to absolutely ensure that metallurgical work can have absolutely good visibility. The use of professional metallurgical lighting solutions enables the metallurgical industry to work safely in every worker and every region, reduce the incidence of accidents and the incidence of equipment failures, and greatly increase production efficiency.

Metallurgical industry lighting status:

1. Metallurgical lighting systems have low illumination and cannot meet the lighting requirements of the normal operation of the production line;

2. The old high-energy gas discharge light sources cannot achieve the purpose of high efficiency and energy saving of the lamps;

3. The lamps and lanterns are seriously aged, and the waterproof, dustproof and shockproof performances do not exert the best effect;

4. The light of the light source is seriously degraded, dim and non-uniform, causing the illumination of the light fixture to not meet the needs of metallurgical work environment lighting.

Metallurgical industry lighting solutions must consider reducing the safety issues in the metallurgical industry due to lighting in all regions and each worker safe, improve the productivity, and reduce the probability of accidents.

Because the metallurgical industry's production sites mostly have high-temperature, strong vibration, dust, mixed gas and other complex lighting environment. Therefore, in the lighting of the metallurgical industry, a reasonable lighting solution is needed to meet the requirements of its complex lighting production environment. In the metallurgical industry lighting, we generally require that the lamps have a certain degree of explosion-proof. And can meet the requirements of good seismic performance, waterproof and dustproof. The brightness of the luminaire is high, and the life plant can guarantee the safe and reliable illumination mode for the transportation bridge and other areas.

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